Productpine is a software-driven retail-as-a-service platform for innovative experience goods. Use our software to optimize your product presentation.

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Sign up online
Sign up on our website to get access to our marketing software.
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Set up your display
Digitally set up the personal display next to your product and control your marketing strategies.
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Ship your product
By shipping your product to our store, customers can receive their purchase in-store.
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Improve your sales performance
By using our marketing software, you can improve the sales of your product in all your channels.
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Measure your success
Analyze discoveries, experiences, and sales in our store to improve your product performance.
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What you get
Quick and easy display improvements
We offer a transparent subscription service. For a flat monthly fee, you get access to our business platform.

You get your own digital display next to your product. Customize your display presence and manage inventory whenever you want through our powerful platform.

Analyze the number of visitors and engagements with your product. Keep track of sales and receive customer feedback. Compare your results with similar products.

Ready to execute a new campaign? Use your dashboard to test it in-store first and obtain the most effective results. See what works for you, and increase your sales performance.

Join the retail revolution.

Tell us more about yourself and your product. We'll be in touch soon to go over the details.