Rokin 58, Amsterdam

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The Productpine Experience Store is located on one of Amsterdam’s most visited shopping streets, Rokin 58a. A location that is very dear to us because it is our first ever.

In collaboration with our partner Tchai International, we have developed the vision for the interior. With the power of simplicity, and as a starting point “high-tech” products versus a “low-tech” environment, we create a link between our innovative products and how they can be part of our daily lives.

The building from 1898 with low-tech interior consisting of authentic materials such as wood, stone, rattan and glass refers to an environment such as “home” as a contrast to all futuristic gadgets that are offered here. This atmosphere provides a relaxed environment where enthusiasts can test innovations and share experiences.


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Productpine opened its doors 5 months ago with the focus on discovery & experience as main drivers of consumer interest.

After we decided to close our experience store last Sunday due to the COVID-19 situation, we were astonished by the amount of requests from loyal customers via phone, WhatsApp and e-mail, with the question if they could somehow still test out the products they were craving for.

We started thinking about whether we could offer a different and more personal approach to shopping in these unusual days. While doing so, we will strictly take into account the advice of the government and provide customers a safe shopping experience.

From today onwards, we will offer private shopping tours in our experience store at Rokin 58 in the center of Amsterdam! Our store associates are product experts and they are ready to guide you through the world of brands that challenge the status quo.

If you wish to make an appointment, please call us/ send us a WhatsApp message on: +31682370956, or send an e-mail to info@productpine.com.

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